Response to those who do not believe that there is

Some readers (thank you for reading my mind) are disagreeing with my comments about the muslim incursion that is spreading across the globe.  This terrorist religion which professes peace yet practices acts which are so heinous that the nazis would have been proud does so with promises of paradise for the perpetrators.  Islam is everywhere, and it is challenging peace and freedom of the press at every opportunity.

Just look at a world map and the islam populations today vs. 20 years ago and you will see what I mean.  Also, every country that lets these maniacs in has problems with their muslims.  The muslims fail to follow the laws of the countries, hold illegal assemblies, act as fronts for terror organizations, deny others freedom of speech but scream “Unfair” when someone tells them to stop their riotous acts and speech.  Denmark is a prime example, but similar incidents happen all over the world.

They must be stopped and stopped now.  If we don’t, we better start studying arabic because the only thing that they do agree on besides hatred for any other religion is that common language, altho Iranians would probably disagree about that too.



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