Jews against this Jew

I find it sadly ludicrous that the only people opposing my obviously bigoted comments against Islam and muslims were Jewish.  How ironic!  How pathetic. The idea of a Jew defending muslim terrorists or those nuts that shoot rockets at Israeli citizens is like the Jews walking into the Gas Chambers and remarking, “Well, maybe these Germans are just having a bad day.”

I generalized because the guys making news by planning or committing terrorist acts are just plain bad people.  The arab countries which ban my entry because I am a Jew are wrong, and it is wrong to have the US Government give them support without demanding open borders for American Citizens.  I criticize the group because the dozen or so muslim people I know and number among my friends are different, but the thousands who perpetrate crimes in the name of Allah are bad fuckers, and I would love to see them marched into a slow-acting gas chamber.  I don’t like killing and I don’t like killers, but even worse, I don’t like people who make me hate in self-defense.

I would love to see the world live in peace.  I never met a muslim who I couldn’t like personally, as long as he wasn’t pointing a gun at me or shooting rockets at my people.  I want Shalom, Shalom Aleichem.  Go and live in peace and let me do the same.  Live a life that teaches compassion and understanding, not murder and terror.  Is that too much to ask?

To all of you who read my blog I say thank you.  I appreciate your comments and their rationality.  Although we may disagree, we seem to do it in a civil manner, so not only does that make it interesting, I find the exchange of views enlightening and refreshing.



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