At last!

A  few months ago on the advice of friends, I bought two books:  Laura Hillenbrand’s UNBROKEN, and what has been called the finest book ever written about WW Two, Max Hastings’  INFERNO.  I read the dust jackets of both and am excited beyond words.  I dropped a disappointing book that I had been trying to read (did you ever start reading a book and hoping each time you turn a page that it will become better, or at least readable ?), REVERSIBLE ERRORS by Scott Turow.

I’m was never a  big ffan of Turow, and after REVERSIBLE I find nothing to reverse my opinions.  The book dragged, was seemingly without much action, and seemed confused as to it’s goal and path to follow. It will be a long time before I try another of Turow’s works.

As I said, I just began to get into Hillenbrand’s book and if it wasn”t a Hardcover I would be in bed reading right now.  I can’t take the pain of either of these heavy, hardcover books falling into my face when I start to fall asleep and drop the book. They are both over 1 KG, so either might become a fatal attraction.

I just wanted to thank MS for recommending Inferno. I would thank the friend who recommended Unbroken, but I can’t recall who you are.  OK, fess up.  Who suggested that I read UNBROKEN?


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