A lovely evenin…

A lovely evening.  Tonight we got together with some new friends and a lovely woman we had met at D & S’s house in Chicago.  It was fun, they are very interesting, and it was nice to speak unlimited syllable English for a change.  I never speak ‘broken English’ to my wife, but I try to limit the words I use to smaller words that I hope she will understand.  I have a pal in Thailand who speaks to his girlfriend in broken English–consequently she only learns to speak poorly.  I think that is wrong but when I asked her she said, “I no mind. Is OK.”  My wife would have said, “I mind. Speak good to me so I learn to speak good.”  I corrected her (she wants to be corrected) and I hope that the next time she will say:  “Hey!  Stop talking to me like I am not smart.  Speak the right way”.  Progress is slow, but it is progress.  

We talked about the difficulties of learning Vietnamese, which I won’t go into right now but will save for a better hour.  Right now it is 12:30 am and I’m off to bed.




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