Hello Friends,

I wanted to share something that I really don’t understand or like with all of you.  Without exception, everyone I know who replies to one of my emails does not bother to change the subject line.  Perhaps it is because the response is “Re:”, but it is much easier to follow if you include MY message in your response–especially when you are replying to a message that I sent days or weeks, or in my short term memory challenged world, hours ago.

Did you ever wander through a modern art section of a museum or thru a gallery dedicated to abstract/modern art and wonder how the artist came up with the title for the work of art on display?  I often have, but the only person I could ever ask why she gave the work the name she did is my artist daughter, Lisa Beth.  Her explanation gave the work much more meaning and increased my already great admiration for the pieces in the show.

So, please, when you reply, please, please change the subject line.  Not only does it help me identify what you are replying to, but it helps sort the order without checking the date and matching answer to email.  It goes without saying that I also would like you to attach my email that you reply  to to the reply you are replying.  Does that make sense?  And no, that rhetorical question does not request an answer.  Just a ‘Thank You’.  :o)



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