For the Lack of a “Some”

Wow!  I am amazed.  Because I didn’t write “some” muslims, or “some” followers of Islam, my friends and readers assumed that I hate all.

For the record:  I DO NOT HATE ALL MUSLIMS!  In fact, I don’t hate all anything.  I do hate some who do not practice tolerance, especially having been the subject of a lack of tolerance in my youth (by “Christians” not acting very Christian).  I return the hatred of those who hate me because I am a Jew, and I scorn the hatred of those who hate me because I am an American Jew.

Strangely, the place I found the greatest number of those haters were in my own country–yep, in America. Even here in Vietnam I have never met someone who hated me because I am an American, and all over SE Asia I met many, many people who elevate me to some imaginary pedestal BECAUSE I am a Jew.  Here and in China and in Thailand I am given unearned respect and admiration because I am Jewish.  Here the standard opinions are that Jews are superior businessmen, smarter scientists, better doctors, and just all around superior beings.  I have to work very hard to avoid busting their bubbles and maintaining those opinions–usually by keeping my mouth shut.

So dear readers, as an imaginary superior being, I wish to inform all of you that I do not hate muslims and that I love those millions of people in SE Asia who respect Jews above all others.

It sure is a nice change!


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