UhM or Never Again!

You younguns forget that the UN was active in “Palestine” before Israel reappeared. They failed completely. They controlled nothing, stopped no fighting. The name for them in Israel was UHM, meaning something like idiot, retard, fool, and dupe combined. Whenever the Jews gave some position, land, property, site back for United Nations protection and supervision, the Arabs were living there before you could say, “Scat.”

The UN is not a solution and never will be. All it does is make millionaires of those elected to hold the DG spot, and that is no purpose at all. I had a high school teacher that most students thought was nuts because she wanted to abolish the UN, or take away all of it’s power. She knew of its danger, and how it could corrupt the world. I listened to her but did nothing to support her. The un is a force of fools run by a group of thieves. It belongs in Ali Baba’s huge jars, and deserves being coated in boiling crude oil.

You want solutions to Jerusalem? Go to Israel, spend some time there and then tell me about what you think can be done about Jerusalem. The last time the arabs had a piece of Jerusalem they tore out tombstones from the Jewish Cemetary and used them as paving blocks–and that was the Jordanians, people who are arguably the closest friends to Israel.

Never again. You might as well give them Washington, DC, or Paris, or Berlin. Doing that stands to make peace in Israel as much as  returning Jerusalem, or partitioning Jerusalem. Never again!

Jerusalem is the capital and Capitol of the State of Israel.  When Russia allows Moscow, Japan allows Tokyo, the UK allows London, Italy allows Rome, and New York State allows Albany to be separated and operated by a hostile foreign power, then come to me and tell me how much you like that altho you are not allowed entry.

Never again.


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