Help From a Friend

Lest you all think that I am superbly witty, innovative, brilliant, and possessed of a vast store of amazing facts, I will now confess that there are times when I actually need a little help from my friends.  Donating money to UNICEF is not help.  Donating money to Operation Smiles or to the Jewish United Fund, or United Jewish Appeal in the UK (same same) is helping, so feel free to give them as much as you care to.  This is not meant to be construed as a fundraiser.  If I was raising funds for either of these worthy, charitable, beneficial organizations, I would contact each of you directly.  When it comes to raising money for good causes (NOT UNICEF & Not the UN), I am not shy and will blatantly contact you directly!

But I digress. This help from one of my friends comes in the form of a YouTube recording.  It can be found here:

It is short, to the point, and well worth seeing.

Thanks Mikey!


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