I apologize

Hello World,

I’m sorry.  I did not want this blog to degenerate to political or religious snapping. I forgot that there are still Jews out there who would stand in a line to the gas chambers and apologize for the nazis saying,  “Well, maybe they just want to get us to a better place than that lousy ghetto we were living in.”  There are still people who have never been to Israel who profess to understanding (yeah, some are even CALLED “Professors”) about the situation there and argue that the Jewish citizens  should not be upset at the monsters who daily shoot rockets at them and their children from the Gaza Strip.

I did not want to get into these issues.  They have their opinions, wrong tho they are, and since most are Americans, still have the freedom of speech to express their misguided impressions of situations they know nothing about.

I want this blog to be above that kind of stuff.  I want this blog to be anthropologically oriented with emphasis on life in a beautiful part of SE Asia.  I have lived here with a Vietnamese woman for four years, and by using a heretofore idle part of my brain, have many observations to offer and discuss.  The situation in the Middle East is not one of them.  I refuse to argue with a bunch of people who can’t read a map, don’t know what it feels like to be shot at by a Katusha Rocket, and have never been to an area or seen what differences exist between peoples.

So let’s not get off the subject.  The subject is life in SE Asia, the people here and around here, how life works or does not work here in this city in this neighborhood with these people who live and work here.  It is also a place for discussion about life in general, and MY opinions.  You are free to comment about them, but if you want to preach doctrine, get your own blog.  I say this to those whose comments I have deleted.  If you see something you wrote here on my blog, then I feel it is a valid disagreement (Yeah, how come so many of you disagree and so few of you agree?  Silent majority doesn’t work here guys!)

I do like your arguments, even tho you are blind, misguided, misinformed, misaligned, and mis taken.  Snipe away, but keep your chopsticks handy.  This is not necessarily for the knife and fork crowd!

That off my chest, now watch for my blog on Agent Orange vs. Land Mines as gifts that keep killing and killing and killing.


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