Vietnam, Beautiful Vietnam

  • Vietnam, Beautiful Vietnam

    Girl in Ao Dai (pronounced “Ow Jai”) enjoys the morning in the park.

    To say there is a timeless beauty here sounds trite, but when I look at this scene filled with beauty and tranquility, it is a perfect description.
    There is a website of wonderful photos of Vietnam and from time to time I’ll try to share them with you. If you are really interested, send me an email and I’ll send the site to you, or I will post it here when I remember what the URL is.

    Meanwhile, much to say about recent happenings–
    Valentines Day was terrific. My wife took me out to dinner at a fancy French Club for a special Valentines Day celebration. It was wonderful, and we had a seven course ‘tasting’ dinner (I’ll try to scan the menu and post the pic here.) We went home well-fed and a little tipsy from the cocktails and wine.

    For a change, the piano was not deafening, and the medley of love songs were 95% American, so I knew the music an made it even more enjoyable. Two pianists assured that we would never be without music, and both were really fine musicians.

    More later…

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