The “Cloud”

Is anyone out there using the Cloud?  I was going to but am a bit fearful that my data will be invaded by hackers intent on being the first to crack the iOS.  I bring this up because I just entered three events on my iPhone calendar and thought how nice it would be if I could make the one entry and have it drop onto my computer AND my iPad.

I would have preferred it if they called it “The Fog”.  At least THAT would lend a feeling of opacity, regardless of it’s existence.

I just had a lesson from my dear friend who has been trying to explain the difference between it, it’s, and its’ for the past three years.  I regret to say that both she and another dear friend/teacher explain the differences in clear, concise terms whereupon I immediately forget them as soon as I leave the email.  The good thing is that altho most of my friends know the difference, most people do not and never catch my grammar fo Pazzes.

It is 5 am, still dark, and time to get the last of my ZZZZZs for the day.

And for those PC fans out there, I know there already have been chippings off of iOS, but nothing like those of Microsoft’s wholesale invasion by hackers.



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