I don’t understand many things which is what makes life so interesting.  I have a lot of trouble leaving the TV because I want to watch so many stations at the same time, or one of the dozen new DVDs I just bought to celebrate Oscar and to render an informed judgement.  

One of the things I like most about my wife is that she leaves me alone a lot.  I realize that to her I am probably rather boring because my many interests don’t coincide with hers, and much of what I read or watch is linguistically too complicated for her.  Her reading, altho voluminous, is confined to magazines (mostly fashion) and newspaper, with an occasional book thrown in.  Because of her I have learned that fashion magazines are full of many life-helping suggestions and stories, and her broad knowledge and fine mind are testimonies to the quality of a lot of the content of a fashion magazine.

Getting back to movies, I just finished THE HELP.  Very good movie and I would recommend it to all.  I have now seen all the Oscar nominees except for HUGO and am now ready to share my selection for Best Movie. I like the one with the longest title–EXTREMELY LOUD AND INCREDIBLY CLOSE, OR VICE VERSA.  The characters were noble, the story line very interesting, and the plot not too predictable.  I didn’t think much of THE ARTIST, THE DESCENDANTS, MONEYBALL, OR THE IDES OF MARCH, and am considering using the disks as frizbees.  I would gladly send any to you if you wish.

I’ll have to finish this later.  I have a cold and it is getting the best of me.


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