ueHere last week, but not today

I have, as do a majority of the citizens of Planet Earth, a Facebook account.  In fact, I have two.  I have one in my name that I try to look at about every other day, and I seem to have one under the name of a friend, Jon Bernheimer.  Jon told me that he does not use his Facebook account but somehow it adopted my email and I don’t know how to delete it.

At the present time none of this really matters, as it appears that Vietnam may have shut Facebook accounts off, as they cannot be accessed.  There is never any reason or warning given, it just stops being accessible.  It is above frustrating but I can’t think of a word beyond exasperating.

I do not, as many of my friends do, use FB for communicating, but I vehemently oppose the blocking of my ability to do so, but unlike the USA, there is no one to write to or complain to. It is just a matter of waiting until the people who got a bug up there collective butts decide that it should be turned back on.  This is one of the not-so-good things here, and I wish it would stop.

Last in this very boring blog today is a request:  “Does anyone know how to empty the mail in a gmail account on an iPad?”

Sorry. Today is not one of my better blogs, but nobody bats 1000 unless you only take one swing.

Peace and safety!




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