Sometimes it is difficult to think of a worthwhile subject for my post on this plain but oh so deep (rude comments are NOT welcome) blog.  Sometimes the bullshit is so deep as to immerse the reader to the earlobes which of course would prevent any comment–praiseworthy or ridiculous.  I will strive to earn the former and avoid the latter, but regardless, please vent and if you open your mouths too often, beware the poo that may cause drowning.

I was answering a pal’s email and had an idea that I thought worthy of discussing here from time to time, and that is the local customs and beliefs.  Often in the guise of ‘Folklore’, these ideas are deeply rooted in the beliefs of the people and are almost impossible to contradict or dispute just because that is how it has always been.

That said, I would like to share a few of these with you, my beloved readers, so, read on–

Ice Water–bad for your health altho ice tea and ice coffee are a different story, especially if you have a cold.  Hospitals here rarely provide food or water to patients (family or friends must provide), so the idea of a pitcher of ice water bedside is unheard of.

Medicine–should not take with any liquid except for warm water.

Spirits or souls of the dead–maintain contact via the shrine in the house. Sometimes come to the living in dreams and complain of hunger, in which the deceased’s favorite foods are put by the shrine for a reasonable time and then consumed by the living as a remembrance.

This also applies to clothing.  I remember a friend telling my wife that KL’s dead son came to her in a dream and complained of being cold.  The friend went out and brought some new shirts and pants and left them by the shrine.  Subsequent dreams brought the boy back thanking the friend for the nice clothes and saying that he was warm now.  The clothes were distributed to family members.

There are many others, and I’ll start writing them down and posting on the blog.  I love these kinds of things, and hope you find them interesting too.


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