Ho Chi Minh Airport Taxis

I don’t understand why this city continues to have problems with cheating taxi drivers who pick up passengers at Thanh Son Nuit Airport.  Singapore had a simple solution.

In Singapore there is only one place to get a taxi, and you don’t stand in line for more than two minutes.  You go up to a window and tell the clerk where you are going and they tell you how much it will cost.  You pay that fare and they give you a voucher for that destination.  You then turn right and go to whatever taxi the dispatcher sends you to.  There are four or five lanes full of taxis, and you are put into the one whose turn it is, or possibly whose route follows your destination.  When you get to your destination you give the driver the voucher and leave the taxi.  Tipping is optional.  

Laws in Singapore are enforced.  If a driver tries to cheat the passenger, he can be reported and will lose his job.  No recourse.  In Vietnam, they seem to be able to badger the passenger into paying huge sums.  I’m not a confrontational kind of guy, but I have opened doors of moving taxis and jumped out when I felt I was being taken for a ride (Thailand).  

The government here should ban any taxi company that has more than one complaint against it from the airport, and should institute a ‘Singapore Style’ prepay billing system.  It would end the cheating once and for all.



2 thoughts on “Ho Chi Minh Airport Taxis

  1. yes, you are right, very siply procudure in Singapore, why do Vietnam governor don not learn from them. I am Vietnamese and I also feel discomfortable each time i get taxi in trhe airport.

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