Doesn’t get much better than this!

I’m not awake yet.  It is six twenty-one in the morning here and we are about to embark on a lovely Sunday in HCMC.  We have a busy day planned:  Walk in a beautiful, tree, flower, and topiary filled park; Breakfast at a 5 star hotel where we can get a huge breakfast including lox & chive cream cheese with my scrambled eggs, brown bread, butter, fresh squeezed OJ, and Vietnamese coffee, OR, for my wife, an omlette with bacon and sausage, two kinds of jelly, honey, white toast, fresh squeezed OJ, and Vietnamese coffee, all served in a beautiful, air conditioned, glass enclosed setting with a good view; then a pedicure for me and a manicure for her followed by a visit to a lovely massage salon where you get a herbal foot bath, a great massage by a very lovely Vietnamese girl, hot stones (to cool me off), and including a foot, face, scalp massage as well as the rest of the body, all in a private room with perfect air conditioning and soft music.

And people ask why I live in Vietnam!

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