Lonely and Alone in Viet Nam

Lonely and Alone in Viet Nam

For some reason I can’t remember, I thought that when my wife left me


No, she did not “Leave Me”

anyway, when Kim Lien left me to go help her sister in Texas take care of 3 children who strangely belong to the OTHER two sisters, (are you still with me?) I thought I would have lots of time to write and being lonely, lots of that drive that loneliness used to create in my artsy fartsy part of my brain would arise to stimulate my writing juices.  

It didn’t happen.  

Oh, I have lots of ideas drifting in and out of my memory, but am lacking the energy to expand them onto paper.  I even downloaded a new word processing program called “Bean”, but it sits unused in my dock, somewhat like my long gone sailboat, the inappropriately named:  “R & R”.  Living aboard one rarely has any rest and never much time for recreation.

But this sailor is once more adrift in that Sea of Fomenting Ideas.  A dear friend who I think of as a writer tho he denies it once told me that sitting down to write is like having your blood sucked out drop for drop.  I won’t apologize to him for the inaccuracies of that quote because I know that he won’t remember exactly what he said any more than I can.

So, bleedingly, here’s some mental ramblings you might find interesting:

My sweet daughter told me that she is shelving the pressure creating art projects for the summer and is going to build a cedar planked wood/fiberglass canoe.  There is a website where you can see the finished product/project,  http://www.feathercanoes.com/html/wee%20lassie.html  .The canoe looks fabulous.  In fact it looks so good that if I had built something that beautiful, I would cry and cry if going down river I hit something and scratched the woodwork.  The neat thing is that a ten or twelve (I can’t recall which) foot canoe only weighs 20 pounds, or around 9.07185 KG.  Easy to put on a car roof alone or to portage over distance.  I wish her well and expect that her canoe will look even better than the one in the picture.

I want to write about the beauty of Viet Nam but there is a pillow on my bed that is waiting to cuddle my tired brain, so sadly, that will have to wait.




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