Words of Children………..and older persons

I just read a very interesting article from the archives of Harpers, brought to me courtesy of a new application I recently downloaded called Caliber.  I’ll give you the link to the article in a moment but I would like to make a comment about Caliber before I do.

Caliber is a reader.  You can download your ebooks onto it and read them all in one place.  You can have a selection of magazines and newspapers automatically downloaded by Caliber and read them at your leisure.  The formats are very adjustable and reading becomes a comfortable and convenient exercise.  Lots more positives and potentials, but you can look for yourself by googling caliber and downloading it after you see the video describing all that it does.  I only have one minor complaint and a lot of that is my fault–I love magazines and books and newspapers and so I chose about twenty different publications to have Caliber retrieve for me, some every day and some less often.

Suddenly my computer was spending all its time downloading the many things I had selected, from the Jerusalem Post to Harper’s Weekly archives and my email was pushed aside while all these downloads took place.  No no!  Not good!  I am drowning in a ocean of publications, each with great depth and archives going back to when time began.  I click on one thing and two hundred new pages open for more clicking and more and more reading.  Speed reading is not fast enough.  I’m reading at a pace of 1,500+ wpm and falling deeper and deeper into the abyss. Help me Wanda, or Caliber.  Find the ‘Delete’ key and chop, chop, cut, and do not paste!  I have opened the door to a Wikipedia + Brittanica + Colliers + Book of Knowledge combination of articles that goes on   and  on     and  on.

Sorry, I can’t continue.  I have to go read.

Here’s the link to the stories by Sendak et al about and by kids:

I hope it works!

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