Don Juan DeMarco

For those of us who think that the movie Shakespeare in Love was one of the great love stories of all time, I offer this very old movie starring a very young Johnny Depp and a very fat Marlon Brando.  These are two of the greatest American Actors who really always were in their prime–young or fat–and the movie Don Juan DeMarco was so good that I jumped at the opportunity to see it repeated immediately after it finished.

Now lest you gentle readers think I am writing to rave about some fine actors and a good and arguably great movie, I will get to the point which is the message of this movie–that those who think they understand the difference between delusion and reality are often confused and really are mistaking one for the other regardless if they are patient or psychiatrist.  This movie presents an allegedly delusional young man who asks his psychiatrist why his alleged delusion can’t be true reality and assumed reality can’t be the delusion.

Its an interesting question.  What gives someone the authority to really say what is and isn’t and that someone’s dreams aren’t, or cannot become, reality?  The fact that people keep trying is what scares me, but even more scary is that some people listen.

Hats off to those who don’t.


One thought on “Don Juan DeMarco

  1. It worked for Steve Jobs! (If you haven’t read Isaacson’s biography of him, do.) Or, not as nuanced, you can get a pretty good idea of the man by watching the latest “60 Minutes” program, devoted almost entirely to an interview with Isaacson about Jobs.

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