A Miracle Drug–as promised on my FB Page

I am trying to add the two pictures, one of the Mederma Scar Gel Tube and the other of Kim Lien’s eye after using the gel since the robbery, but when I put the photos in, I cannot write.  So, I will write what I want and then try to add the pictures.  If I cannot add the photos here, I will simply publish a following post containing them.

I wanted to tell you all about this wonderful gel that removes scars called Mederma.  It isn’t cheap–around $29.oo a tube of 1.76 oz (50 grams), but if you buy the product that says “Only 1x DAILY Scar Therapy”, you save a lot because as it says, you only need apply it one time a day.  Their other creams require usage 3x a day, and don’t seem to be any more effective.  I bought it at http://www.drugstore.com, and they give you five dollars off if you buy two tubes plus they give bonus points and so you can earn dollars for future purposes.  Amazon advertised the same product but when you went to check out, the product you wanted (the once a day) turned into the cream that you had to apply 3 times a day.  Bait and switch by computer, not nice;  Bad Amazon!  Bad Amazon!

Anyway, this stuff works.  Kim had a gouge under her eye about 2 mm deep, and as you can see, it is almost invisible now.  She also had extreme abrasion scarring around her eye and nose, and that is completely gone.  The scars and scabs on her forearms and shins from being dragged over the broken concrete have vanished–only a slight darkening of her skin shows where she was injured, and we expect that to vanish as she is still applying the cream.  Her friends and sisters were so astonished at how well the cream repaired her scars and abrasions that they all bought a couple of tubes each–one to use right now on some scars her young daughter had, others to keep in the medicine drawer in case of emergency, and others to give away as gifts.  That’s how good this product really is.

So there. You are told.  Hopefully you won’t need to ever use it, but if you do, know that it is available.

My good deed for the day is done, I can return to being my evil self.



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