Will China initiate World War 3?

The smart money says that China is so sophisticated in their manipulation of foreign policy and foreign relations that they can make war on Vietnam and possibly the Philippines without global conflict resulting.

Nevertheless, the signs for war are too evident to be comfortable with the status quo.  China has all but shut it’s southern border with Vietnam.  The daily traffic has declined from 10,000 trucks down to less than 20.  Japan recently evicted all Chinese citizens.  China has established and built an entire town on one of the Paracels, the islands that Vietnam is disputing with China. China now has a working, active aircraft carrier in the sea between China and Vietnam.  Fewer young men are on the streets, and uncharacteristically they are showing reciprocal affections with their girlfriends daily.

If you ask ten people if there will be a war with China, 9 will emphatically say, “YES!”  The tenth will admit that he does not know.

We may move to Texas very soon


2 thoughts on “Will China initiate World War 3?

  1. Surely War is not the only answer to disagreements! I frankly do not believe that China will go to war with Vietnam and or The Phillipines. Although I admit that I have not a thorough knowledge of the situation, it seems to me that China is enbroiled in the politics of the Capitalistic World, and that will be more important than warring with other nations. To what end?

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