On Jesse Jackson Junior and America

There was an article in the Washington Post about the resignation of Jesse Jackson Junior, a member of the House of Representatives representing the people of Illinois. You can read it here: http://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/katrina-vanden-heuvel-jesse-jackson-jr-will-be-missed-in-congress/2012/11/27/f87d31cc-37f2-11e2-8a97-363b0f9a0ab3_story.html?wpisrc=emailtoafriend

I found the comments about the article disturbing and upsetting and decided to write a comment of my own. This is an expansion of my comment:

So much hatred and invective coming out now that Jackson has resigned. Where were these big mouths when JJJr was serving for the past 17 years? Didn’t hear much from them, but even now it seems Jr is being castigated for being Sr.’s son and being bipolar.

I don’t like JJ Senior. I think he is an opportunist and a crook who uses his race much more for lining his pockets than helping his people. I also don’t trust Chicago politicians very much but I do trust them more than I would trust any other politicians, because even if they are crooked, they leave something on the plate for their constituents. Can’t say that for the pigs in most other cities or states or the Federal Government. But regardless of all that, Jr. should not be held accountable for the excesses of his father.

The accomplishments JJJr. has achieved are no small thing. To call them communistic smacks of McCarthyism, and diminishes the accuser far more than the accused. If helping people with less gain equality by forcing doors open and steps-up to be made available, I am all for it. If it increases my taxes by five or ten percent, well, that is the price of living in America. Those who don’t want to pay, who don’t want to give the less advantaged an opportunity to grow and achieve according to their abilities, well, those narrow minded people need to leave and go live elsewhere–perhaps Madagascar.

America is fast becoming a two class society and that is NOT what those who helped create and develop this country intended. A strong middle class is important for many reasons, not the least of which is to offer the next step up the economic ladder for the lower classes, fostering creativity and a strong work ethic.

We are a nation of achievers. Immigrants arrived here with the dream of a better life. Offering decent, affordable medical care, opportunities for a good education, and a decent environment in which to raise children are things which everyone hopes for. To ask someone making over $500,000 a year to pay 5% more in taxes is not asking too much, it really is asking much too little. That isn’t communism or socialism, it is just being a decent human being, and I don’t see too much of that behavior from people nowadays.


One thought on “On Jesse Jackson Junior and America

  1. Me commenting on my own blog: In retrospect, I was wrong. The SOP confessed that he and his wife were looting the till, pleaded guilty, and is now living a life of liesure and comfort on my tax dollars. He doesn’t even have to cut the grass. Life as a convict does have it’s privileges…

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