It did, and we can’t do anything…

Yeah, twenty children with their whole lives ahead of them suddenly were murdered. We probably will never know why, and maybe there is no reason. Certainly there is no rational reason. You cannot possibly make sense of this act of insanity, so don’t waste my, your, anyone’s time trying. How can a simple three letter word like “why” leave me feeling empty, angry, sad, depressed, lonely, and afraid for MY children. Yes, they are both over 40, but they are still my children. I can’t ever know why, but that does not make what happen comprehensible. Nothing will. Nobody will or can explain this tragedy.

So, stop trying. Stop interviewing bereaved family member/survivors. Stop telling me that each child was shot multiple times by this maniac with a rifle that should never have been sold to anyone ever. Do something positive. Write a letter. Write to the senators of your state. Write to the congressman in your district. Write to the president of the United States. Write to the justices on the Supreme Court. Write to your governor, to your mayor, to your state representatives. Write to the newspapers. Write to friends on FB, YM, Google chat. If you aren’t a citizen of the USA, write to your government officials and to the American government officials. Write to anyone and everyone who can make a change and who can begin the process of eliminating firearms in private homes, hands, whatever.

Write and keep writing. Don’t give up until these government officials we have elected get off their fat asses and do what the majority of people everywhere who are able to think rationally want–to take guns away from everyone and put them into a furnace to melt them. It costs little and can work and can succeed if we don’t quit.

We can stop this from happening. Write and start and continue demanding a repeal of the second amendment and a ban on all guns. Let someone who wants to shoot buy or make a slingshot. Macho bullshit ends now. Killing of kids with guns ends as soon as we get rid of guns. Write.


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