April Fifteenth

Like it says on the dredels in Israel, “Ness Gadol hayah poh”, which means, “A great miracle happened here.  I finished my tax return before April 15.  First time in many, many years.  I feel like I had a barium enema!  As a procrastinator of little note but much duration, I put myself through torture every year gathering the information for my tax return, and last year I got a rude lesson from my usually calm Uncle Sam when he hit me with significant penalties for not paying the extension fees.  The State of CA joined in and I wasn’t getting the messages in a timely manner because I was too ignorant to ask for them, so penalties mounted until I finally sent both Uncle and State what I was sure were grossly excessive payments.  That worked, and each was kind enough to refund the excess, so the penalties stopped building
This year, in a determined effort to avoid repeating the chaos, I finished with a few days to spare.  I thought I would feel MORE relief, but there is just that post enema emptiness.
Oh well, it sure beats paying another thousand in late charges!!

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