Murder in America and an infinite number of other places…

I am very troubled by the fact that it appears as if two men who found peace, opportunity, and freedom in our country still chose to perpetrate a cowardly act of terror on our civilian citizens. It confirms my belief that islam can not coexist peacefully with any other religion, belief, or government not it’s own.

Islam cannot even refrain from murdering other Moslems if they do not agree with a particular sect or tribe within a sect. There can be no peace with islam–not for America, not for Israel, not for anyone who says people should be free to choose their own path as long as it does not harm another.
We need to stop the cancerous spread of islam in the world by isolating them, not by going to Iraq or Afghanistan or any other islamic majority country. We need to let them be, to kill each other as they are now doing in Iraq.

Sadaam maintained peace in his country by a terror oriented secret police and by favoring one sect over the other. When both Shiites and Sunis were freed of the yoke of the government terror, they began and still continue to kill each other. They don’t want democracy, they want dominance for their particular sect, and then for their particular tribe. They don’t want progress, they want a feudal society where women are confined to bags which cover them from head to toe, and are not allowed any freedoms whatsoever. They can’t drive, they can’t go to school, they are only allowed to service their men as slaves and servants. We need to learn to accept this and ignore it and isolate those who practice these heinous acts.

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3 thoughts on “Murder in America and an infinite number of other places…

  1. I don’t recall the names of all the logical fallacies you’re guilty of using in this post, but they are many. One is taking a single or group of examplars and overlaying them wholesale on entire civilizations. Another is hyperbole. Yet another is assuming that because one event preceded another, it is the cause of the second event.

    Some of the traditions and behavior you use to tar Islam could as easily be attributed to orthodox Judaism and Catholicism as “proof” that because some treat women as a class apart with limited rights and requisite sex-based forms of behavior and therefore are likewise undemocratic, sexist, and thoughtlessly judgmental, all Jews and Catholics share those principles.

    Consider that Islam, Judaism, and Christianity lived together cooperatively (and unusually peacefully for that era) in much of the Western world for centuries. (Before “the one true church” began its Crusades and Inquisition.)

    Your judgment of what constitutes Islam appears based predominantly on the behavior of Islamist radicals. That’s as frustrated an observation as is the notion of “isolating” the rest of the world from the world’s most widely held religion. (Not incidentally, many of those radicals Islamist groups were created largely by the West created in the last 200 years–probably most in the last 75 years.

    It makes more sense to differentiate between extremism’s excesses in any social context, be their source religious, political, racial, geographic, or whatever. Even though we’re all of us primates, we have the opportunity of moderating our behavior through consideration, mutual respect, and discussion. Ruling those out can only be counterproductive. Be more bonobo and less baboon.

    • Bullshit! These fucking Muslims want to take over the world and kill everyone not their tribe. The sooner you lose the head-in-the-sand attitude, the sooner you will realize that what you say is bullshit! Look at a map. Look at France. Look and wake up!


  2. Funny thing. On my map, France still looks like France. People I know who’ve been there lately report the wines and spirits are as great and more varied than ever, and the baking heavenly, though they admit they weren’t searching for pita. Those who visited Alsace say the choucroute is as porcine as ever. Have you heard they’ve forbidden Muslim women to wear their traditional garb in government buildings? That’s weird.Are yarmulkes permitted. I think so. I’m glad this land of Liberty wouldn’t think of doing that. Except for Africans for more than 300 years. (You might have felt different if you were one.)

    Here where I live in Skokie, Jews, Hindus, and Muslims live side by side in mutual respect and without the religious or ethnic hatred you see as worthy of universality. (That has a curiously Master Race ring to it, doesn’t it?)

    Our grandchildren go to school together and kids and parents appreciate their differences in a shared environment. Our building’s floor is populated by Jews, Muslims (in hijabs), Koreans and other far Easterners, Filipinos, African Americans and plain old assimilated ones such as we. We help each other with holding open doors and sometimes shlepping packages. “Our” erstwhile Devon Avenue alternately bears the honorary names “Golda Meier Way” and “Ghandi Margh.” Some of our favorite groceries there sell both Indian and Pakistani food to women in hijabs, jeans, or saris. Halal restaurants coexist with Kosher ones (as they do in Skokie).

    It’s all very civil, and our gentile-Jewish-mideastern governing coalition keeps things that way. We’ve seen no vandalism or signs of vituperation directed at what people wear, buy, or go. The attendees in the Holocaust Museum next door to us are of mixed heritage. In the Museum’s telling of the holocaust, it also describes the injustices around the world today based on ethnic and religious hatred. The busloads of kids who visit understand. I just wish you would.

    Not all people are as inflexible or hateful as you apparently assume them to be. Consider us to be among them; we don’t mind. Just don’t hock us a tchainik about who’s better or worthier than whom.

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