“Ain’t Gonna Make War No More” is just a dream line from a song

Seems to me that we no sooner disentangle ourselves from a stupid, un-winnable war in one country and then entangle ourselves in another elsewhere.  Bush-the-stupid-son said he needed a way to make a lot of money in the time he lived in the big house at 1600 PA Ave, so he, cheney, rums field, and wolkowicz lied their way into Iraq and caused the deaths of four or five thousand young Americans who were duped into believing that they were fighting for their country when all they were doing was making the bush/cheney cabal billionaires.

That was a too long sentence, but I’m pissed and the media is blowing air that we may “NEED” to get involved in the Syrian civil war/rebellion.  “WHY”?   There is no sane reason to send one single American advisor, soldier, or aid worker there.  These people want what they want, and America is not in a position to give it to them and shouldn’t try!  If they want to kill each other, let them!  Better them than our people.

Worse yet, if we go sticking our noses where they don’t want, need, or deserve us, someone on one side or another is going to get pissed and try to make terrorist shit on American soil.  We don’t need that.  The politicians and government needs that.  They need it so they can make bigger departments of Homeland Security, FBI, CIA, NSA and DUMB (Don’t Understand Much Basically).  O & B need ways to make mo money, and mo, and mo!

Stop sending our armies to these no win places.  Want a war?  Go invade North Korea.  They deserve it.  Go invade Vietnam.  They do NOT deserve it, but hopefully this time the Vietnamese will be smarter and will lose the fucking war.  That way they can benefit from the billions of dollars America will pour into the country to rebuild and renew.  Last time all the USA did was leave some surplus weapons and some well-built airports.  If VN will lose, they should expect major reconstruction projects, new highways, new roads everywhere, funding for schools so EVERYONE can get an education, and some new rail lines (there is only one track running from south to north) and trains.

It is so much better for a country when they lose a war to America!


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