To bomb or not to bomb

To bomb or not to bomb, that is the question.  Whether it is nobler in the minds of men to missile strike, or to bomb.  To gas, to breathe no more, to use a surgical tomahawk or agent-orange-like gasses which would cause everyone’s hair to turn blue and fall out in exactly 23 days, 9 hours, 21 minutes, and 44 seconds from time of impact.  To dream, to plan, to lie, for the apparel seldom proclaim the wolf hiding in the guise of the Executive, Legislative, or even Judicial branch.  

It may be the play in which the Prince hoped to catch the conscience of the masses, but on this go-around the masses just weren’t buying, and a vision, not of sugarplums heralding the onset of the great purchasing season in honor of some Jewish Rabbi-to-be’s birth, but of more American bodies being shipped thru the AF Base in Delaware was just not acceptable to the American people.  Marches were threatened, mass media onslaughts were planned, possible troop revolts were feared.  

Through all this I never heard a whiff of discussion or fear that our troops, our armies, navies, or air forces might finally say, “Hell no, WE won’t go.”  Perhaps our military is the only one in the history of mankind that has never questioned the civilian leaders.  Perhaps it is time they did.  Following fools, or rather being pushed ahead of fools eager to make war (because let’s face the facts, launching Tomahawk Missiles at someone is certainly not a peace overture) has never slowed our noble fighting men and women at all.  Since 1776 our military has followed orders and attacked whoever our government directed them to.  Unlike other countries’ armies where the leaders shout “Follow Me” and then LEAD their troops into battle, our politicians push buttons and men into the fight while hiding out in secret shelters (Cheney) or sitting on an airplane high and away from battle (Bush).  

I propose that it is time for a change.  If a president wants a fight, give him a knife and let him fight whoever he wants.  Same with our legislators–if they vote for war, give them knives and let them all go one-on-one against their proposed enemy.  I promise everyone that war will end forever the moment you drop a knife in front of any.  Make this a law, passed by the people, enforced by the military, and judged by the judiciary.

We need to give peace a chance.  If Syria wants to kill it’s own people, give each leader a knife and let them fight.  Then let the next official of the losing side carry on and on and on until the bullshit stops.

McCain or Kerry, both are war mongerers, liars, and dishonest crooks who did the wrong thing and survived the war they fought.  We would be much better off without either.


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