Obama (I’m not sure that he still merits the respect of the title, President) has his hands full with the Republicans who seem to not care if they send poor people over the brink of starvation so they can give more tax cuts to the rich and very rich (read, “mostly themselves”) and bankrupt Obamacare before it really get a chance to do some good.  Being thus occupied he has sicked his Secretary of State onto Assad and Attack-Dog Kerry is trying to provoke a war with Syria.  It would be rather one sided in the beginning as the USA launches Tomahawk and/or cruise missiles at Damascus and any site they can imagine Assad hiding in, but there is a lot of potential to escalate all this into a much bigger conflict and potentially a world war.  

The crazies in the Middle East, Syria, Iran, and in a small way Iraq, are trying to depressurize the escalating rhetoric and threats by releasing control of biological weapons (Syria), stating clearly (but unbelievably)  that they will never make a nuclear bomb (Iran), and blowing each other up frequently enough to make page six headlines in some local newscast that nobody pays any attention to (Iraq).  Violent demonstrations in Turkey about something as simple as the right to assemble in a public park, or overthrow of the government of the week in Egypt, keep the heat on, but are ignored by the American President and Secretary of State, probably because there is little money to be made in either Egypt or Turkey’s internal conflicts.  Obama needs the money he can steal in a war for his and his great-great-grandchild’s potentially profligate lifestyle, and Kerry, already having most of the rest of the money in the world, wants, craves, needs the publicity and power that Obama has given him.

So we have the most powerful man driving the richest man in government–always a scary situation but not as bad as when the richest was driving the most powerful (Cheney Bush).  The lesson that cost 5,000 American lives was inconsequential when compared to our last major manufactured war–Vietnam–which took over 50,000, and the efforts of Kerry on behalf of Obama should bring conflict shortly.  Even if Assad dumps all his chemical weapons and Iran dismantles all its nuclear shit, O-K will find a way.  Look at Kerry’s latest comment:  Kerry: Iran president’s words must be ‘put to the test’.  We used to call that provocation, now it is presented as diplomacy.  My parrot showed more diplomacy than Kerry when she came to the edge of her cage, looked directly at me, said, “What are you doing” and then bit me when I didn’t answer.  She DID have an attitude!  

Putin, the czar of Russia, was reported to have tried to ease the pressure with an article he allegedly wrote for the op-ed column of the New York Times, but the spin put on by O-K was that Putin did not really write what he wrote.  Since politics have sunk to the depths of a overflowing toilet, it is impossible to believe anyone but the person you see in the mirror when you close the bathroom door.  That person might be confused, and might even lie to yourself on occasion, but generally he or she can be counted on to tell you what he or she believes is true. 

It is sad to know that knowing the truth, or even believing the truth does not count for much when your leaders lie and obfuscate reality.  Obama’s efforts to save National Health Insurance are right and noble, but his unleashing Kerry to do his dirty work is certainly not.  Both should be ashamed but after Cheney/Bush there is little they can do that can be worse.  Perhaps escalate Korea?



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