Almost War

Lately the world of Asia from N Korea on the North to somewhere south of the Philippines has been playing brinkmanship of the most dangerous kind.  While mostly rhetorical, some actions by China and North Korea have been very provocative and with one or two mistakes, could have precipitated what might become a major conflict.  All eyes seem to be focusing on Syria’s not-so civil war, and making a big deal of a couple of hundred people gassed either by the rebels themselves or the government of Assad.  Considering the silence as millions, yes MILLIONS, have been murdered in Africa (pick a country–Somali, Ruanda, the Congo, Ethiopia, etc. and any body count will make the conflict in Syria seem trivial, but only it seems if you are black.  If you are muslim or “christian” or Russian Orthodox, the middle east is a lit powder keg about to lead to nuclear war.  

China loses more coal miners to accidents and India loses more to lord knows what is killing Indians these days (maybe falling off overcrowded trains?) than Syria has lost in the past year.  Sure there are more Chinese and more Indians than grains of rice in Thailand, and at least to their home countries these lives are of little import, but what happened to the idea that each life is precious?

Even America, the United States of, can quietly lose 5,000 men and women killed and 3X that wounded and de-limbed as long as the news media does not publish photos of the coffins coming into the Air Force Base in Delaware.  We seem to become so jaded that unless we show blood, gore, & dismemberment, or a couple hundred bodies splayed out in a line after having been gassed, we don’t care.  So kill millions in Africa and nobody cares,  but show starving children with distended bellies and a vulture 20 feet away and you can get a rise out of the American public.  How despicable.  It is like we waited for Germany to surrender in WW2 so we could drop the Atomic Bomb on the yellow scourge.  It is easier for caucasians to drop radioactive substance on Asians than on fellow caucasians, even if those nazi bastards murdered six million Jews, nearly every single Gypsy, another six million civilians, and probably ten or twenty million Russians.  

But I digress.  The issue for this column is Asia, SE Asia.  China is making inroads to seizing Vietnamese and Japanese Islands, and taking over the entire Eastern (South China) Sea.  Vietnam has neither the air or sea power to throw them out, and Japan’s Force Frappe imitates Marcel Marceau when they put on a show of force.  The Philippines are upset about fishing and mineral rights off their shores and in what was open ocean, and Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, and mighty Singapore aren’t really threatened and so don’t have a cause of action to take any action.  America, stretched out in Afghanistan and the Middle East, with bases in Korea, Okinawa, and lord knows how many other places, is spread out like a margarine spread on a dieter’s cracker.  Starting a war with China over some rocky islands with shacks on them would never fly in the country where T-party rule-by-threat decides what can and cannot be.  China could probably invade Sapporo without raising anyone’s ire in the USA other than some drunken beer sots who believe beer is made in the location of it’s name.  So what this is becoming for China is an experiment to see how far they can push the USA, Japan, Vietnam, and the Philippines.  Another issue in the stew is the huge debt the USA owes China and the question of whether that is a deterrent or an incentive and which to whom?  For the answer to this last, please consult your financial advisor because I have no idea.

Then there is Korea, NORTH Korea.  Big army, big mouth leader, big flop re missile capability and probably not able to make and deliver Kim Chee to say nothing of an atomic payload.  But the Glorious Leader’s insanity scares everyone.  The little shit has the Western world by the short hairs and he’s pulling.  He can’t even decide what to ask for next–the West is so eager to pacify him.  The trouble with him is that he is nuts, and while he can still control his starving people, he might just launch a land attack on the newly prosperous land of South Korea.  Imagine 500,000 screaming, starving N Korean soldiers raping and pillaging K-Popville.  Where would we get spare parts for our Kias?  We would have to go into emergency production of Western Toilets, because certainly that would be one of the first things the N Koreans and their aching knees will steal.  Don’t laugh!  The Russians did when they reconquered Hungary in 1956 during the first Eastern Bloc Country’s rejection of Soviet subrogation–stole western toilets, not laughed.  Well, they might have laughed too.

So, here we are.  Almost at war.  The biggest problem is that we aren’t sure who will get the next dance.


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