A Little of this, A little of that, Some more of this, that, their, there, hear, here, his, hers, they, too, to, and two.

A question appeared on a Facebook site I subscribed to.  It asked if “IN my opinion, terrorists in Israel should be given the death penalty?”  I found my answer fulfilling and wanted to share it with you, so, here:

“Yes.  A thousand times YES.  Eichmann got the death penalty.  He was responsible for the deaths of millions.  Is the life of one Jew worth less than the lives of many?  I say each life of each person is important.  If you kill one of our people or many, you have murdered and you have earned the biblical retribution of an eye for an eye.  There is no reason to exhibit humanity which will be construed as weakness, and no reason to leave these animals live UNLESS they are tortured each minute of each day we detain them.  If they know they will eventually be released and become heroes to their fellow monsters and will be given large monetary rewards upon their release, where is the deterrent?  Stop treating them like human beings.  They are not.”

I don’t believe this is a simplistic answer.  Rather than dissect it down to the bare bones, I tell you that the question, for me, is not complicated.  If you tickle us do we not laugh?  If you hit us do we not have pain?  If you cut us, do we not bleed?  And if you kill us, should we exhibit undeserved kindness and put you in a jail for a few years?  The Israeli prison is much nicer than most of the homes these terrorists came from.  For them, it is a paid vacation to sit in prison.  They deserve to die.  If nobody is injured, the terrorist should get 25 years at hard labor.  That should be a minimum sentence for any act of terrorism.

When I began this Post I had noble intentions of writing about a lot of things, but I have just hit the wall, run out of gas, faded quickly into near sleep.  Will pick this up soon, but not tonight.  Goodnight.


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