My dear, dear friend Paolo is dead.

I wanted to go back to Italy, to Firenze one more time to say ‘Arrivederci, Paolo’ one more time.  When we parted in August, 2011, I didn’t know when I would be able, if ever, to return to see him, but we spent six days in Florence with Paolo, six glorious days of enjoying the sharing of the beautiful art of Firenze and the beautiful man whom I have known for more than 51 years.  He is survived by his brothers, sister in laws, nephews, neices, cousins, and friends all over the world.  It is in us, in our hearts & minds, that Paolo Chelli will live on.

I won’t forget his beautiful smile, his kindness, his love of art and life.  I am heartbroken.  I loved him dearly.


6 thoughts on “My dear, dear friend Paolo is dead.

  1. My heart goes out to you billy. How lucky you were to have such a wonderful long relationship. So sad….. Love you Sondra

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  2. My Dear Bill,

    Losing a parent or a dear friend is never easy. However, it is our destiny to us all and we must accept this crual fate. The pain lingers in our hearts and in our mind but we must go on and continue to celebrate the ones we have and the ones we’ve lost.

    May you heal with the good memories of your friend.

    My best, Véronique

  3. Thank you for telling us about Paolo. Over the years Wally and I have always enjoyed hearing about him.

    May his memory be a blessing.


  4. To each of you who have read my blog and have commented about my friend Paolo, I send heartfelt thanks. Your comments have helped much more than I can tell you.

  5. Life and Death are a package deal; one does not come without the other. Yet, even accepting this, death of a loved one is always traumatic. I remember Paola well from my visit with him in his home when he was so warm and welcoming. He cast his net of influence wide, and he will be missed by so many. My condolences to his family, and to you.

    Dorothy Shoichet

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