the WHAT?

I just read a blog on this wonderful wordpress site in which the author mentioned “The Human Condition” four times in 500 or so words.  When I finished reading I still didn’t understand what he or she was referring to.  Worse, I didn’t care.  I was much more interested in seeing the bottle of fresh, hand made coconut oil my Kim Lien brought home, and discussing why this was liquid but the bottle of coconut oil we bought in Malaysia had solidified, altho she said the Malaysian product was a higher quality and she used it as a moisturizer whereas the Vietnamese product was mostly for cooking and was very fresh.

What this has to do with the “Human Condition” I don’t know.  I know the Viet oil smells better and my know-mostly-it-all wife says you can’t eat the “higher quality” coconut oil from Malaysia.  According to what I read online, coconut oil is edible, altho in Asia one learns to do as the Asians do and eat what someone you trust says is safe to eat and use as moisturizer stuff that the same person says “No, no!  Cannot eat!”

Such is the Human Condition in our house.  A lot simpler than worrying about foods or supplements or products of nearly every kind  from China poisoning us!  I read that China recently purchased Smithfield Foods, a major American processor of Pork.  Many of the products Smithfield makes are unsalable in the USA because of some kinds of additives, so they are shipping them to China AND TO VIETNAM with the label, “Made in the USA”.  America bans these dangerous to eat products, but the Chinese and Vietnamese who are smart enough to avoid eating products that are made in China, are not being told that altho something is made in the USA, Americans are protected from eating that by our FDA–because it causes cancer, birth defects, or other terrible things.  The solution is to ship it back to the same folks in China who poison the chemicals they send us for manufacturing medicines.

Quid pro Quo, says I.  That sounds like it should be part of The Human Condition if it isn’t already.


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