To Eat or not to eat, to die, aye, there’s the rub

Recently a friend sent me an article from the NY Times about how the medicines in the USA are being contaminated by the ersatz ingredients that are being purchased from China.  It seems that in the interest of making more money the drug companies stopped buying domestically manufactured ingredients and started importing cheaper ones from China and India, and lord knows where else.
I find it interesting that the USA will accept ingredients for important thing like drugs from China and that here in VN, Chinese products are shunned by people who can afford to pay more.  In other words, here in VN the Chinese products are generally purchased by poor people.  If we go to the market for veggies and other stuff, my quality conscious wife walks away from the beautiful, bright, crisp carrots and buys more expensive old-looking, limp carrots because she believes (and I think she is right) that the carrots from China are treated with chemicals to preserve them and that deadly fertilizers are used to grow them.  I’m afraid that the Viet produce may be also enhanced thru chemistry, but maybe less chemistry because they look like shit.
Lately she has been buying Organic stuff.  It really tastes better and looks better and hopefully the vendor is not lying or being lied to about and by the supplier/grower.  What it all comes down to is that unless you yourself grow the things, or you personally know and trust the seller/grower, chances of getting safe food are becoming more and more risky regardless of where you live, China, India, USA, VN, or South America.  Unscrupulous sellers fill bottled water from streams or the taps, both of which are polluted.  You know of the trouble with milk powder for infants that came from China (they did it again just recently), well that is only one example of the shit they pull.  Anything to make more money, even if it means killing children.  This crap happens in America too, but because so much stuff is imported, it happens less.  Sad fucking world.  I feel safe eating and drinking and taking most stuff.  First, KL watches out for what she gives me or lets me eat and second because I am almost as old as you and don’t expect to be around long enough for all this phony shit to affect me.
One bad thing—Vietnamese have different ideas of what makes stuff safe.  According to my education, we don’t agree on a lot of things like boiling polluted water automatically makes it safe.  There is a river nearby that is so polluted that metal hulled ships will not go into the river.  The pollution in the water destroys the hulls in a very short time.  Sadly, people still drink that water even tho they get sick, because they cannot afford even the cheapest bottled water.  In addition to the problems with the water, Vietnam seems to be ready to convert to using GMO seeds from Monsanto Chemical Company.  Monsanto is the company that gave Vietnam the ongoing, cancer & birth defect causing product known as Agent Orange.  It seems that Monsanto was not satisfied with causing cancer and various birth defects in thousands of Vietnamese;  now they want to poison nearly all the population by supplying dangerous genetically modified seeds for growing hundreds of everyday consumables.  Well, the company that supplied Cyklon B for gassing millions of German prisoners is still in business, Monsanto is just carrying on the tradition.  It is just that so far they have avoided being called genocidal, greed-driven maniacs.
What a world we leave behind…

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