We Don’t Speak Softly and our Big Stick is Broken

Well, the stick isn’t exactly broken, it has become ineffective.  If you have weapons too terrible to use, like nuclear weapons, they cease to be very scary even if the country wielding them is the only country on earth that ever used them.  Nukes are much more frightening in the hands of some small group that might use them against US, because we can’t nuke them back and usually have trouble finding out exactly who they are.  I don’t know what happened to the idea that if a person from a particular place with a specific home and a group of kindred spirits attacked us, we should hit back twice as hard, twice as violently, twice as everything.  Don’t tell me that the actions in Iraq were just that.  Iraq was about Cheney and Bush and making them heros and rich, VERY rich heros.  Afghanistan, well, the mythical Taliban, our once friends and now enemies, seems to be the target, but sending 30,000 soldiers against one robe-wearing-over-explosive-vest bearded fanatic isn’t very effective as we are finding out.  

We keep saying that we shouldn’t forget Vietnam and the lessons we should have learned, but the Vietnam action was in a place that had been at war with two significant adversaries–France and China–and had kicked both their asses out of Vietnam.  There was no way that America could beat Vietnam in Vietnam, and Vietnam didn’t need Jane Fonda sitting on an anti-aircraft gun to prove their point.  The best thing Vietnam did was shoot down John (Crash) McCain.  The worst thing they did was let him live.  The worst thing he did was give Stupid (sorta) Sarah a national audience who elevated a dumbish, hottish, wierdo to a permanent fixture for the retarded plumbers, garbage pickers, and beggars hanging around in our streets.

But I digress.  I started to make a point about Obama’s recent statement warning Ukraine of grave consequences if they killed any more protesters.  They did the same thing to Syria and all that happened was that Syria got the world community to go to the great expense of disposing of their out-of-date chemical weapons.  The weapons were so old that there was a greater chance they would kill the launchers than the targets.  Now Syria gets to dump them for free, and to quietly sequester their newer, fresher, and more powerful weapons away for use at another time when they can blame the opposition for killing their own people with terrible chemical weaponry.  Obama is not going to do anything in the UKraine.  Russia would absolutely not stand still if America moved into the Ukraine with a military force–no more than the USA would stand still if Russia attacked some faction of Canada that was spouting anti-Russian stuff and caused Russia to invade Canada to protect Canadian Communists.  Think about that, and tell Obama to stop screwing with world politics which neither he nor Kerry know anything about.  

Tell him to work on the Health Program, clean it up and make it strong and effective.  Tell him to get the troops home and put them to work modernizing the infrastructure of the USA.  Bridges, highways, air traffic control all need repair.  We need to reestablish our manufacturing base, and not leave the manufacturing of vital products like pharmaceutical ingredients to irresponsible countries like China or India.  They don’t have a clean environment, they don’t have decent, clean water.  How can they make good chemicals?  Bring that manufacturing back to the homeland and stop worrying about Russians killing Russians-called-Ukranians, or Iraqi Shiites killing Iraqi Sunnis, etc.  Let them work it out or let them kill each other.  Let Japan, Russia, China, Vietnam, Taiwan, & the Philippines work out who owns what by whatever way they want.  None of them want another war.  They have learned that they can make more money with peace than war.  Let them.  We are tired, Uncle Sam’s white hair is for real.  We need to look to our own house and repair our stick.


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