A Corrected Repost

Here we are wondering what the next moves will be re the incursions of the Chinese. People are very angry and worried as well. It is impossible to get accurate stories from the English language newspapers both here or in China. Probably also impossible to get honest reporting from BBC, CNN, Wash Post, or NYTimes too. There is a huge discrepancy between news I get in English & news KL gets in Vietnamese, plus a day or two time lapse.

I read in today’s newspaper about demonstrations at the Chinese Embassy in Washington, DC, but there are not many people and nearly all are Vietnamese. It would be more effective if there was a whole spectrum of nationalities protesting, and thousands of people marching. The stakes here are not, in my opinion, just Vietnamese sovereignty but rather the independence of the whole region. Just today Thailand declared martial law and while the army is denying a coup attempt, the instability of yet another country in the region plays well into the scenario of a total takeover of the countries of Vietnam, Philippines, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea and now Thailand. Laos, Cambodia, and Myanmar would collapse like an overcooked strand of spaghetti were china to look sideways at them.

Unless the USA acts swiftly and decisively to stop China, the whole of SE Asia can fall into the swamp of Chinese aggression. China has the manpower, the money, and the plan and only the USA has the power to stop them. The question becomes, “Does America have the WILL to act?”

I want to thank my friend Al for pointing out that this particular blog was a mess of worthless repetition. I had written it on a malfunctioning iPad, and would not have noticed if he didn’t call it to my attention!



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