Same as last time

There are a lot of changes online nowadays. Sites rearrange things to try to improve or to make things prettier (prettier isn’t always an improvement), but for an older person, change is not such a good thing. Familiarity is. I don’t like having to find things in new arrangements. I want them where they were. If the people trying to keep their jobs HAVE to change where things are, they should leave us the option of NOT changing. I read a lot online, news, current events, stories, Amazon stuff, Kindle Stuff, Apple stuff, etc, and when the order of the site changes it makes me crazy. Takes me almost until the next “UPGRADE” to find anything. Couldn’t they just leave unchanged the sites for us old timers and change everything else for the younguns (under 55 is a youngun). Seems to me that with all the great technology today, they should be able to do that. Even Apple is screwing around with their sites, with Safari, with some Apps. Not needed! Stop! Please!


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