Discovery on DISCOVERY

I SHOULD have been a writer of greeting cards, or slogans.  So many names, ideas, titles and jingles are leaping around my head that I fear if I sat up straighter, I would be inundated by more than I could handle.

I have a few sources of news and information.  One is Facebook, where I can control the sites that post to my FB page.  Another is TV, NGC, Discovery, BBC, CNN, and the Japanese TV Broadcaster whose name I am forgetting at the moment and am too lazy to go look for all contribute to my knowledge of what’s happening in the world.

Sadly, I find that the media today resorts to news about violence, death, destruction of our planet and other stories which often have zero impact on how we should live our lives today. I just watched “How we Built the Bomb” and part of “Strip the Cosmos”, read about the devastating floods in Hanoi, India, and Bangladesh, and the drought and wildfires in California. Disaster after disaster. There are police shootings, beheadings in Iran, bombings in Iraq, and jet crashes into markets in Syria which fortunately killed the family of Ossama Ben Laden. Over 700 killings by the government of Iran for whatever.

Can’t we find some good deeds in our 7,000,000,000+ population? Where are the Boy Scouts? Where are the Girl Scouts and their thin mint cookie sales? Will someone please go out and do something nice to people who deserve it? Pass out a candy bar, or some water, or a MRE (Meal-Ready-to-Eat) and stop a child from starving! Help an old person do something they need to do. Kiss a dirty old man like me. So many opportunities, so little action.

More later. Right now I am having post meal sleep syndrome.


2 thoughts on “Discovery on DISCOVERY

  1. You should have been a writer; Period! But then again, that is what you are doing now that you are far away in Viet Nam.

    Love you,

    Dorothy Shoichet

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