Together, and yes, I am angry!

This was posted as a comment on FB, but I feel it also belongs here:

Did you really think that the world would support and/or help Jews? From the inquisition to the holocaust it should have been made clear that Jews are just about the most hated group of people on earth, with the possible exception of lepers. The only people who may help Jews might be other Jews, and the fragmentation of support for ourselves is sketchy at best, terrifying at worst. The comment by Mr Tortomasi just below is proof–criticizing the government of Israel in a public forum is not helpful. Then too, saying that we have nobody to trust but HASHEM, as Ms. Ramey does, is naive because you must remember Jews singing “Ani Mameen” as they were marched to the gas chambers and we all know how much HASHEM helped then. The fact is that we have no one to trust but ourselves. We have the IDF, our navy and our air force and all will fight to the death for us. We may be comforted by G-D’s rod and staff, but we will be saved by Iron Dome and a steel fist. When we were a million refugees facing the fifty million arabs with well-equipped armies, we fought and won. If we fight, we will win, we MUST win. Am Yisroael Chai, and as one people, one nation, one tribe of many diverse opinions, we will find the strength to prevail and to survive. Not all of us are Mark Spitzes, and he was only a sprinter, not a long distance swimmer. Then too, where can we swim to? Nowhere! Our stand must be on our historic land, on the land we wrested from the desert and bought from our enemies, and developed from abandoned lands. Our strength is being ONE, ONE NATION alone with G-D at our side.


One thought on “Together, and yes, I am angry!

  1. Dear Bill;

    I agree with all that you say; however, you and I can rant and rave from the comfort of our homes, you in Viet Nam, and I in Canada. Who are the “We” that are doing the fighting? Not you and not me. So what is the role that we can play ,other than moral and financial support? My family ,and I have endowed an extraordinary bus, outfitted with ten different Videos which show cases of brutal Racism, including the Holocaust, but not only the Holocaust. It also holds 30 pop up seats for watching . The Bus gets invited to middle schools, and even Universities where students then board for lessons, with a professional teacher , of life’s inhumanity to man. It has been on the Road now for under two years, and we have had remarkable success in showing youngsters how racism and intolerance can hurt them, and all those they target. That is the way I am fighting the enemies around us. A strong Jewish community is what we must be, and we shall survive.

    Love You.

    Dorothy Shoichet

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