Sadly, Christina was over here the other day and is slipping back.  I see deterioration and a falling back to her autistic state.  She needs to be educated in the USA because Vietnam has no facilities for children like her.  She loves drawing so we bought her an easel, a large portfolio bag for her paper, pens, and pencils, a good eraser, a pencil sharpener, paper–everything she needs to draw and create.  I see she draws a lot of clothes and feminine forms (her princesses), so I have an idea of what I want to get her next.  She is quite computer literate, and often shops online if she sees something she likes, then tells her mother.  I don’t understand why her mother gets angry at her.  The child is showing initiative and development of many skills, and her parents ignore her.  Very sad.


3 thoughts on “TINA

  1. Who’s Tina? I’ve been listening to many of the late Oliver Sacks’s appearances on NPR podcasts (such as Radio Lab and This American Life) and am trying to read all of his books. All are on Audible and if the New York Review of Books has a website, I’m sure many of his shorter papers are available there, on line, too. He, being one of the first and only psychoneurologists, has a lot to say on the subject of autism, which I suspect plagues my grandson and affects my son David’s view of the world and other people. You may not find any definitive answers, but gain substantial insights reading Dr. Sacks. So: who’s Tina? And why does Melina go bonkers over “screen time,” which I think can do wondrous things?

    Allen Kelson alkelson@mac.com cell: 847-710-0301 land: 847-818-1845


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