Tragedy or Comedic Tragedy

There is so much insanity going on in the world today–Truck killings in Nice, Shootings in Paris, more shootings in Paris, More killing in France, Germany having killings and stabbings and axe attacks on trains and other murders, more killings in Israel, Stabbing in Japan, athletes in Rio getting sick from the polluted water, brain damaging disease from mosquitos in Rio stopping athletes from even going there, and more.

I should have known that when my hand slipped and pulled the insulin needle from my abdomen that the shit had not stopped flying.  My sugar went up to 297 so I guess I really need the insulin shots.  This afternoon my wife announced that two of her sisters had dreamed that their father was upset, and my wife needed to go back to the cemetery and calm him down (he’s been dead for about ten years now, and she was just out t0 see him a week ago).  I asked (I really should know better) why he didn’t say anything when she visited last week and was told that the sister who first had the dream (They are on the first and second floor of the house) was sure that their father needed his daughter and widow to see him (grapes are coming into season so I imagine he wanted some grapes) as soon as possible.  My wife is leaving at 6am to get to the cemetery before he gets too hot and tucks in for a nap–the tomb is thick marble and it will be very difficult to communicate if he is napping.

That’s not all.  The dreaming sister announced that her daughter in law has broken out with a rash all over her body.  They are sure it is smallpox and want my wife to go to their friendly dermatologist and get some medicine.  I pointed out that it was unlikely to be smallpox and by the time the medicine made it from Saigon to Arlington, TX, the girl would probably be dead and all the people in the house would be infected and quarantined.  Or dead.  I also mentioned that there probably isn’t any vaccine for smallpox since it was declared eradicated.  They didn’t want to take the girl to the hospital because she didn’t have insurance. By this time I was screaming with indignation, fearing that with this current run of bad luck, the virus would pass through the airwaves and infect us.  Don’t laugh, in this family, anything is possible.

Well, they decided to take the girl to the hospital emergency (the itching was causing major screaming and the neighbors were complaining), but when they went out, the car was gone.  Someone stole the car.

I’m going to bed.  KL will be leaving at 6am and I need all the sleep I can get.  Lord only knows what crisis will come up tomorrow to bite me in the ass.


7 thoughts on “Tragedy or Comedic Tragedy

  1. Billy, my heart goes out to you… did you ever try getting into meditation?

    Do you have a buddy you could go and have a beer to commiserate with?

    Can you try exercising a Little?

    Don’t lose your sense of humor or faith that things will improve….

    hell, at least, for two cents worth, know I care.



  2. Is there any “lucky” pull you could take???

    Sounds like a dark cloud is floating over your heads. Just whoosh them away!

    May all your tsures dissipate soon.

    My best to you and to the lady leaving at 6 am!


  3. Now that is really more bad news than I can handle. I have recently stopped reading the Newspaper from cover to cover, and do not watch the news. I simply am in Tzuris overload! I hope Kim Lien”s Father was satisfied with her visit, the child recovered from whatever, , your blood sugar is back to normal, and your mashoogana household has settled down!

    Love you Lots,

    Dorothy Shoichet

  4. Bill, I am not on Facebook, so have not received any of your messages. Send me a regular e mail, so that I can respond.

    With affection

    Dorothy Shoichet

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