Poach This!

I’m getting really pissed about animal poaching. I read that x #of tons of elephant ivory was seized from smugglers, and hundreds of rhino horns and 389 KG of Pangolin scales, etc, etc etc were found being smuggled from here to there. These poachers do their horrible deeds because it is very lucrative. Governments seize the shipments and then destroy them.
Instead of destroying these rare items, the governments should flood the markets with the contraband, thus lowering the prices and making poaching less lucrative. If every seized item is put back into the market, the prices will decrease tremendously and poaching will no longer be worth the risks. With the money earned from selling the tusks, or horns, or scales or ?, they could hire more rangers to patrol, feed some of the poor people who need help & fund programs to show them how to start businesses so they could make a living. Stopping poaching is best done by removing the market for the items being poached. It is simple supply/demand economics.
Now, I agree this is over-simplification, and I don’t expect a precipitous fall in the price of ivory or rhino horns or pangolin scales.  I think to build the market, some fake goods should be mixed in with the real stuff.  Hell, the buyers don’t deserve to be treated fairly–they are the real reasons there is a market for the poachers in the first place.  After all, the horns and scales don’t really do things, and tiger bones are really just bones and have no magical properties.  Bird’s nests, if improperly cleaned of the bird droppings, will probably get you quite sick or even kill you (if you don’t believe me, go to your neighborhood pet store and ask for a cup of parrot poop–then eat to your heart’s content.  The fins of sharks, if attached, bear dangers that are quite obvious, but removed simply creates a slimy soup that does little for virility or fertility, or any other ility.
So you fools who keep buying elephant or walrus tusks, Pangolin scales, rhinoceros horn powder, masticated, feces filled twig bundles, fish fin soup and any other rare animal part, be aware that the market may soon be overflowing with parts and pieces of dead animals and the price should be coming down faster than a climber falling from Mt Everest.  It will be caveat emptor baby!

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