A wall of shame

How about spending the 25 billion dollars($25,000,000,000) d rump’s wall against Mexico on something viable, like education, repairing our infrastructure of bridges and highways. It is probably going to cost $50,000,000,000 with cost overruns, and it will cost American Taxpayers even more as supermarket produce costs rise because there is no Mexican labor to pick lettuce, grapes, oranges, cherries, strawberries or any other hand gathered produce. Are you willing to pay $10 dollars for a head of lettuce, or $20 for a pint of strawberries? Canned goods will also get much more expensive as there will be no one to pick the vegetables or fruit. Canneries will go out of business, jobs will be lost, and the tax base will shrink.
If Trump wishes to build this wall, it should be paid for by anyone earning a million dollars or more. They are going to get the tax cuts which will give them the extra money to contribute.


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