I never ever thought that I would support Germany, of all places, over my country, the USA.  Never!  But at the upcoming G20 Summit, which will be led by Angela Merkel of Germany, my sympathy and support will be absent from the USA side of the aisle.  I simply cannot side with the man who seems intent on destroying America and all that she has stood for.  Trump is a disaster that keeps rolling on a path of destroying anything that is good and noble in my country.  He seems to be deliberate when he appoints inferior quality people to posts they know nothing about and are incapable of managing. His actions are unforgivable and repulsive, and it seems to be his intent to create a government that is incapable of functioning well and properly.

In this he is abetted by the scions of the republican party–Ryan in the House and McConnell in the Senate.  Both of these crooks are intent in lining their own pockets and if millions of poorer Americans suffer as a result of the actions of the uncaring thieves masquerading as Congressmen who care, so be it.  Both of them should be tarred, feathered, and ridden out of town on a splinter-filled fence rail.  There were a number of torture devices I saw in a museum in Alicante, Spain that would do a better job than the rail, but I think they should be saved for that time when these crooks are tried and convicted.  Then proper punishment should be administered and since they chose to disregard the Constitution, the clause of cruel and unusual punishment should not be afforded them.

Maybe Mrs. Merkel could dig up some of Dr. Mengele’s old notebooks for appropriate treatments.


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