Miles and Harry

On 60 minutes…

Harry Reasoner did an interview with Miles Davis for 60 minutes. It was a good interview in that it showed Harry completely failing to understand Miles, but still showing the man and his music (which Harry didn’t understand either) and helping the viewer to see how complex and intelligent Miles Davis really was.

Watching this interview while listening to Miles and John Coltrane assault my ears with clear, complex, wonderful sounds, I began to understand a little more about Miles Davis, and to greatly increase my admiration of him as a musician and a human being. I wonder if his greatness came about because he grew up free of the constraints of a lack of money, or because his education really was used to open his mind and freely fly with the music.

It really does not matter all that much. What emerges as most important is the fact that Miles had a great mind and he used it to further himself as a human seeker of truths most of us merely begin to contemplate on our voyage. I did not start out looking for this 60 minute interview, but luckily when I found it I took the time to watch it and learn from it. Miles was also on this learning quest, and despite my total lack of musical knowledge, we both shared the joy of seeking understanding and contemplation.

I feel that we are kindred spirits seeking. Sometimes we find. And really, sometimes is usually enough.


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